Universal Listing, Inc. has access to a wide variety of investment properties, both locally and throughout the United States, ranging from high-profile single-tenant triple net investments to shopping centers, apartment buildings, industrial properties, and office buildings. Our goal is to locate and secure properties that reflect our client’s need for income, ease of management, minimization of risk, or future appreciation.

Universal guides clients through the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange process allowing under- performing asset to be exchanged into a more profitable property while minimizing the tax impact.

For land owners, Universal Listing provides an in-depth evaluation of the property as to its highest and best use. Key developers are then contacted directly to determine what interest they might have in the purchase and development of the property.   Universal Listinghas been very successful in obtaining appropriate entitlements for residential developments.

As with properties we have for sale, we will advise landlords as to how best prepare their property to attract desirable tenants at top dollar. We promote the property’s availability through a wide network of contacts, and various multiple listing services, as well as nationally and internationally on the internet.

Available financial/credit information will be obtained on potential tenants so that property owners can best evaluate the desirability of any candidate. Should the owner choose not to manage their own properties, Universal can provide property management services or recommend an outside property management company.

From the perspective of business clients, the decision to buy or lease to accommodate expansion is often critical to the healthy growth and financial well-being of an entity. Conversely, the decision to sell or sublease all or a portion of existing facilities may be the key to survival in a depressed market. Universal is available to work with your management team to help evaluate your options, and facilitate a viable plan of action, helping to ensure the ultimate success of your company.

For those having property to sell or lease, Universal provides a wide array of services, from market evaluation, creation of a targeted marketing plan, effective negotiations, and hands-on follow-through until close of escrow or lease signing and occupancy by the tenant.

Properties will be presented directly to prospective buyers as well as at various broker association meetings. Both residential and commercial properties will have wide internet coverage both locally and internationally on the various listing services to which we belong. Wide-spread exposure ensures that virtually anyone that might have any interest in purchasing or leasing property will have the opportunity to see yours.