Real Estate Brokerage


Universal Listing, Inc. offers a wide variety of services for buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, builders and developers; services that include:

Investments / Exchanges

Sale of an existing investment property usually provides the seller with an opportunity for a tax-deferred exchange.  For those taking advantage of IRS laws, Universal Listing has access to a wide variety of investment properties both locally and throughout the United States, ranging from high-profile single tenant triple net investments to shopping centers, apartment buildings and office complexes.  We work directly with our clients to obtain properties that reflect their need for income, ease of management. minimization of risk, or future appreciation.

Business Owners

From the perspective of business clients, the decision to buy or lease to accommodate expansion is often critical to the healthy growth and financial well-being of any entity.  Conversely, the decision to sell or sublease all or a portion of existing facilities may be the key to survival in a depressed market.  Universal Listing, Inc. is available to work with your management team to help evaluate your options and facilitate a viable plan of action, helping to ensure the ultimate success of your company.

Land Owners / Developers

For land owners, Universal Listing, Inc. provides an in-depth evaluation of the property as to its potential value and makes recommendations as to its highest and best use.  Key developers are then contacted directly to determine what interest they might have in the purchase and development of the property.  As the ultimate rezoning or subdivision of land is often a prerequisite to the actual sale of the land, Universal Listing maintains close ties with the planning departments of various communities in the area.  This has been a key factor in helping both landowners and builder/developers obtain desired entitlements.

Residential Properties

To meet client demand, Universal Listing, Inc. continues to expand its expertise in the single family real estate market by working closely with both buyers and sellers, bringing a unique brand of marketing to this important market.  Our expertise in this area has evolved from our extensive background in working with builders and developers, allowing us to maintain a strong knowledge of the local residential market and be able to guide both buyers and sellers through the entire sale process.  Universal Listing can help during all of life's transitions.  We work with first-time buyers, families looking to upgrade, those looking to retire and downsize, or anyone looking to relocate.

Marketing Services

For those having property to sell or lease, Universal Listing, Inc.  provides a wide array of services, to include market evaluation, implementation of a targeted marketing plan, and negotiations with potential buyers/tenants, as well as on-going follow-through until close of escrow or lease signing and occupancy by the tenant.  In marketing most properties, Universal Listing, Inc. arranges for full-color marketing materials produced and distributed by our affiliated company, National Multiple Listing, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Properties also receive wide internet coverage both locally and internationally on the various multiple listing services to which we belong.  Universal Listing prepares a professional sales package on each property, which is presented directly to prospective buyers as well as being presented at various broker association meetings to which we belong.  When agreed upon by the property owner attractive signage is placed on the property.


In working with sellers, we will make recommendations as to how they can best prepare their property to obtain top sales price through the strategic use of improvement dollars.  Similarly, we work with our buyers to find the most appropriate properties, helping them recognize the hidden potential in affordably priced real estate.  In either case, we provide access to outside resources to guide the client through a timely improvement process.

Whether buying, selling, leasing, or seeking investment properties; Universal Listing's intent is to provide you, our client, with the best possible, highly personalized, hands-on real estate brokerage available.