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Universal Listing, Inc. continues to expand its expertise in the single family real estate market by working closely with both individual buyers and sellers, bringing a unique brand of marketing to this important market.


Be Prepared for the Journey
Whether you're trying to purchase your first home. or looking to upgrade or downsize, Universal Listing, Inc. will guide you through this difficult process.  Universal provides hands-on guidance on how to best prepare your home for a quick sale, or how to align the proper financing for the purchase of a home.

Get Pre-approved
A loan pre-qualification or pre-approval is vital to the loan process, since it allows you to obtain an estimate of your borrowing power. We highly suggest that you not skip this fast, easy, free step. With a written pre-approval (including a certificate guaranteeing you a mortgage to a specified amount), you won't waste time looking at homes you can't afford. Rather, you can focus your time and energy shopping for YOUR ideal home.

Know Your Finances
Determine how much you can afford to spend. While you may qualify for one amount, it might be too high for your actual budget. Set a monthly dollar amount that you feel comfortable committing to. Don't forget to figure in additional costs, such as insurance and taxes, interest, and principle.

Check your Credit Report
While any lender can quickly run your credit report, you should acquire a copy first. Then, you'll know exactly what is on the report and can address any dubious or inaccurate items. Be sure to clear up any financial problems that you can.

Shop Around
Look for the best loan costs, considering topics, such as:

  • Appraisal costs
  • Broker fees
  • Credit report fees
  • Interest rates
  • Loan term application fees
  • Prepayment penalties

Apply for a Loan
Gather all the documents required to verify your loan application:

  • Job tenure
  • Employment stability
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Liabilities.

Additionally, be prepared to supply your lender with financial documents, such as paycheck stubs, bank account statements, and tax returns. Check with your lender or broker for more information.

Secure Your Rate
Interest rates change daily. Locking your rate in writing guarantees you a certain rate and terms for a specified period of time. Lock in as many costs as you can. Push for setting the lock at the time of application, not at approval.

Close the Loan Process!
Depending on local loan process requirements, this step can be performed in person or by using a 3rd party escrow service. If everything proceeds smoothly and according to your established agreement, you'll sign many papers, exchange much money, and walk away a new home owner!


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